Tuesday, 16 March 2021

3 Convenient Tools That You Can Use To Modify Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

PDF is an essential file format. Almost everyone at school or work uses this type of file format. As a result, many web-based tools were created to alleviate one's task in altering PDF files. However, there are only a few online tools that you can trust. One of these tools is the PDFBear.

pdf bear

PDFBear has the most convenient tool to alter your PDF files. Unlike other online tools, PDFBear uses advanced technology that makes it easier for you to use their tools. With PDFBear, you can unlock, lock, and repair your PDF files using the most straightforward procedures. 

Password Decryption Tool Of PDFBear

If you have PDF files that are secured with different passwords, you might soon forget them once you are not opening them more often. Once you forget your password, there is no turning back. It would surely give you many problems, especially if those files contain a lot of essential data. 

One thing that you can do is decrypt your passworded PDF file. Password decryption can be tricky since it involves many procedures. But, using PDFBear's Unlock PDF Tool, you can easily decrypt your password-protected PDF file using the most manageable and most comfortable steps. 

To start the process, you must begin selecting a password-encrypted PDF file and place it in PDFBear's tool. Once you are done, you can type in the password of your PDF. After that, PDFBear will analyze your PDF file and will automatically decrypt it. It may take less than a minute if you have a strong internet connection.

After the entire process, you can click the file and download it online! Decrypting a password-protected PDF file has never been this bearable. With PDFBear, you need a few clicks, and it is done! Thanks to the advanced technology that this tool offers!  

Password Encryption Of PDFBear

Your notification bell rings when there is unauthorized access to your webmail and social media accounts. You would surely be alarmed since it contains personal information that hackers might use to harm other people or blackmail you. 

Similarly, if your files' content has personal and essential information, you don't want other people to meddle and read your file. The best step that you must take is to encrypt a password to your PDF file. It is a complicated process. But, using PDFBear, it can easily be done in just a few clicks. 

To start, you must select a PDF file and put it in PDFBear's system. Once done, you can now type your desired password. However, you must be careful and follow the guidelines in typing the password. It should have at least nine characters along with alpha-numeric characters. Also, it must have both upper and lower cases. 

Once you have followed the guidelines, PDFBear will start to analyze and encrypt a password to your PDF file. After that, you can begin downloading your newly password-protected PDF file. Protecting your PDF file has never been this easy. All thanks to PDFBear for making it easier.

Repair PDF Tool Of PDFBear

There are various viruses that can be found online. Once you enter a website that is not protected, your device might get a virus. The worst thing is that it affects your files. If your files are affected by a virus, they would be corrupted. Hence, your files would be useless.

But, there is a method that you can try to restore your corrupted files. Using PDFBear, you can repair your corrupted PDF file using the easiest and the most comfortable steps. It is just a few clicks, and your files will be functional again,

First, you must select a corrupted file from your device and place it in PDFBear's system. Once you are done, PDFBear will start to analyze and fix your corrupted file. The next step is you have to wait for a minute or less until the process is over. Once your file is fixed, you can start downloading it and save it online!


One thing about PDFBear is that it is compatible with different platforms. PDFBear functions with different Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. It can also function with other browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.


Protecting, unlocking, and repairing your PDF files has been made easier by PDFBear. If you are still looking for other tools that can help you with your file format alteration, you can also check some of their different features that you can see on their website.

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