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Test Automation Basics for Apps, Games, And the Mobile Web

Test Automation Basics for Apps, Games, And the Mobile Web 

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The world of technology is dynamic and keeps advancing every day. Besides devices, the software that we use with these devices has kept on advancing too. 

If you are a software developer and want to make updates to include new features that make the software, whether apps, mobile web, or games, work optimally you can get hands-on tips on how to be a better developer from a professional online community

But then, software developers risk losing a chunk of customers every time they roll out an update.  This has made them look for solutions that will ensure they do not lose potential users of their software. One viable solution that has emerged is conducting professional test automation for software and updates.

Many people, however, do not still understand how vital test automation is in software development. In short, the basics of software automation aren’t well known by many developers. This article looks into everything that you need to know about automation testing as a software developer.

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Understanding Test Automation

It is vital to understand test automation before we delve further into it. Well, there are two main types of testing in the world of software – manual and automated. Manual testing is the traditional version of this process that involved a lot of human input, which is no longer the case.

Modern software developers use automated testing more because of its massive benefits. One of the reasons why this is the case is because manual testing is repetitive and overwhelming. Automated testing helps in reducing this repetitiveness in manual testing processes and reducing time.

Although test automation is meant to simplify testing and reduce costs, it can sometimes fail to deliver the desired results. You need to follow the right criteria to make the most of the process and ensure you meet your objectives. The criteria differ depending on the circumstances of the development process.

Why Test Automation is Great for Mobile App Development

There are several reasons why test automation is ideal for mobile app development. Manual testing is not ideal for this process because developers need to achieve agility when developing mobile applications. Automated testing makes it possible to build robust applications accurately.

Test automation in mobile app development makes it possible to achieve compatibility. There needs to be some compatibility between applications, devices, and users. Achieving this with manual testing can be tricky because it can be tricky to develop applications parallel with the manual process.

Another benefit of automation testing is the instant and effective testing of mobile applications. Automation testing also makes it easy to conduct tests repeatedly, thus increasing the test cycle. But then, one challenge for software developers is learning to shift from manual to automatic testing.

But the reality is that anyone with basic programming and coding knowledge can learn automation testing and do it. There are several guides on automated testing for beginners that can be helpful in the learning process. You can use such resources to learn and implement automated testing as a software developer for mobile apps, games, and websites.

Why You Need to Consider Automating Software Testing

Automated testing can add value to software development in various ways. The benefits that it brings to the process make it the most convenient method for software developers. Here are some important things to consider when looking to implement automated testing in your software company.

1. Low Costs

One of the greatest benefits of automated testing is its low cost. You need to invest money and resources into it, but that’s a little lower than automated testing. Your aim as a software developer is to spend less and get a good return on your investment.

The good thing with automation testing is that it can get you good returns. For instance, you only need to create automated tests once, and subsequent tests will proceed at no additional cost. The adage, time is money applies here, as test automation cuts testing time from several weeks to hours.

2. Better Efficiency and Productivity

Better Efficiency and Productivity
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Every software developer looks to increase efficiency and productivity in software development. One way that developers increase the quality of applications is by testing regularly. Repeated tests at different developmental stages are vital, and doing that with manual testing isn’t viable.

Repeated manual testing can be time-consuming and expensive. For instance, testing an android app requires you to do so on different android versions. It would help if you also tried it with different devices. This makes the process challenging and lengthy, reducing your efficiency and Productivity.

3. Tools and Technology

Manual testing limits software developers in several ways. An excellent example of its limitations is in tools and technology. You do everything when doing manual testing, as this process doesn’t use tech tools. Automated testing, on the other hand, requires little to no human input.

Test automation platforms come with various frameworks and tools. This makes it possible to make the most of your efforts and the time you invest in the process. Many companies are reluctant about using these tools because of their costs, especially when it comes to the full automation of large software.

4. Wide Test Coverage and Shorter Time to Market

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Automated testing beats manual testing when it comes to testing coverage. The ability to execute thousands of cases in a single test is one thing a software developer desires. Achieving it with manual testing is impossible as the process requires a lot of effort and time.

The fact that automated testing requires little input from software developers means more time to create new test cases. This makes it possible to run as many tests as one desires.


Testing is an important step in the development of apps and games. It helps ensure that you produce high-quality products that will be competitive in the already saturated online market. Developers must leverage the power of technology to make this possible.

This is why test automation has become an essential thing for software developers. Being able to cut the time spent and costs incurred in developing software is vital. This article has provided important insights that will help you understand what it takes to implement test automation in software development.

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