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Corel Painter vs Paint Tool SAI

Corel Painter and paint tool SAI both are the best drawing and art software. But, to find the best one you must need to know the major differences between these two. 

Corel Painter vs Paint Tool SAI

To compare both let’s scroll down and read our Corel Painter Vs Paint Tool SAI comparison article. 

About Corel Painter And Paint Tool SAI Software

Corel Painter- It is a well-known software that is used by all types of painters whether they are professionals or just some creative people trying to follow and master their passion. 

It is amazing software with a great interface and dynamic usability, which can be used for the creation of illustrations, sketches, paintings etc, and helps the user to create next-level paintings and bring their thoughts to life, on the digital platforms.

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Paint tool SAI- I am an easy to use software, used to edit the purpose of editing raster graphics. 

It was developed keeping in mind the requirements and compatibility requirements of Windows, for the first time in 2006. 

It is a great painting software that is very lightweight, making it an amazing choice for many who do not prefer bulky software and require just the basics of the art software. 

We will make a comparison of the features of both Corel painter and Paint tool SAI to see which of them has the better variety to offer you with. 

Features Comparison Between Corel Painter And Paint Tool SAI

No, the software is good having fewer features does Paint Tool SAI and  Corel painter provides you with good plus advanced features? Let’s find out:

Features Provided By Corel Painter

  • It comes with a black canvas which you can use to create great photo art and unique paintings with a dark aura. 
  • You are provided with a wide range of preset brushes in it. You are also given the option to customise the brushes according to your needs, to increase the already available variety. 
  • You are also given the option to create your textures, palettes and patterns etc., aside from the already available variety. 
  • It comes with different media types such as dry media, wet media and blending media for your paintings. 
  • The auto-painting and cloning tools of Corel Painter help you in the beginning as well as at the completion stage of your art by making it flawless with all little mistakes covered up automatically by the AI. 
  • You can use it for the creation of concept art, for film development, game development and the creation of vehicles, environments and other 3D images and paintings. 
  • It comes with a variety of tools such as Layout Grid, Divine proportion, Perspective guides and mirror painting tools etc. The colour wheeler and mixing tool makes mixing colour and creating new colours easy for you. 
  • It also comes with tools such as Gradients, Papers, Flow Maps, Nozzles, Weaves, Images and selections etc. 

Features Provided By Paint SAI Tool 

  • You can customise your brushes and even transform your brushes into erasers to make drawing easier for you. 
  • It comes with touch-sensitive pencil tools, and other amazing tools such as a variety of Selection tools, Layer tools, Drag tools etc. 
  • IT provides its users with a variety of colours and you can even create more colours by matching and mixing colours. 
  • You can adjust the saturation levels of the colours and their luminescence.  It also comes with a colour spectrum from which you can choose colours of your choice. 
  • You can view mini-versions of your drawings as a review. 
  • Other tools such as Brush and Airbrush tools help you create amazing drawing effects. 
  • It comes with a data protection technique that locks your data so that only you can have access to it. It also comes with many layers, which you can move according to your requirement and then lock so that they do not change their place or cause confusion. 
  • It gives the users full Digitizer support and helps you create Anti-aliased drawings. 

After reading the features, a lot of differences between the two can be traced. 

Yet to widen the divide, we will now read about the basic specifications of the two and illustrate the difference between them. 

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Other Major Differences Between Corel Painter Vs Paint Tool SAI


Corel Painter

Paint tool SAI

  1. Price

Corel Draw comes with a one-time fee for acquiring its licence, which is $271. It also provides a free trial to its users. 

Paint tool SAI also comes for a one-time fee which is $52, clearly much more affordable than Corel painter. It too comes with a free trial. 

  1. Usage

It is mostly used by professionals, especially the ones who are looking for black canvas painting and a platform for digital photo art. IT can also be used for paintings such as sketches, illustrations, portraits etc. 

It is an affordable software which has some powerful features as well, and therefore it is good for use for both beginners as well as professionals. 

  1. Compatibility

Corel Painter comes with compatibility on Windows Operating System as well as Mac OS. There is another app called Painter which is made for the purpose of usage on mobile phones. 

Paint tool SAI on the other hand only works on computer OS and has no versions for other devices or operating systems.

  1. Ease of use

For beginners, it comes with a great help in terms of its Webinars and Documentation training, which helps them to get handy of it. Thus, it is very easy to learn and use the software. 

Paint tool SAI has a very simple user interface keeping in mind the requirements of the learners. It provides learning through documentation, and any person can easily get hold of this app. 

  1. Support

It provides 24x7 live support to its users through the online mode pertaining to any query in the usage of Corel painter. 

It is not so good at providing support to its users as the only way one can get help is through its FAQs and forums and Email for specific purposes. 

  1. Tools

A wide variety of tools is provided by Corel Painter to its users, such as Gradient tool, Papers, Flow Maps, Nozzles, Weaves, Images and selection tools etc. 

Tools such as Selection tools, Layer tools, Drag tool, Airbrush tool etc. are present in Paint tool SAI, which help the users in easily creating various items for painting. 

Final Verdict- Corel Painter Vs Paint Tool SAI

Therefore, we have learned about the various major and minor differences between Corel Painter well as Paint Tool SAI. 

It can be clearly seen that the Paint tool SAI is a better option for beginners who want budget-friendly software with powerful tools. 

On the other hand, Corel draw is a better option for professionals, who do not care more about prices but want the best software for their needs. 

Although, on the basis of your likings and choice, you can decide which one is the better option for you. To reach more articles like this check on WebTechCoupons.

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