Wednesday, 24 November 2021

MacBook Overheating? 4 Fixes To Ease Your Life

Your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air isn't supposed to heat up abnormally. These systems are high-end devices that do not allow any room for such problems. 

But there may be certain situations that can get out of your control. 

macbook overheating

Let's have a look at some of these issues that might cause your MacBook to overheat periodically and what you can do to fix these glitches right away:


1. Malware Alert On Your Mac

Contrary to popular belief, Mac OS is as prone to malware and virus infestations as any other operating system. 

Certain apps and web pages can result in this problem and this may lead your system to overheat periodically. 

The only fix for these issues is that you install dependable antivirus software for your MacBook. 

This is going to remove all the malware and other harmful files and documents that you might have downloaded during your browsing sessions.


2. What Are Runaway Applications?

These are those applications that demand more of the resources of your system as compared to other apps. 

These apps are developed by third parties and end up draining a lot of your battery power and CPU resources. 

The biggest reason for your computer heating up could be these software programs. 

You can either remove all such apps or uninstall the unneeded ones only. You can also use the activity monitor which is built into the Mac OS to kill these apps in the background.

Also, make sure to check for system performance periodically and regularly. This will help you avoid any heating problems throughout the day.

3. Are The Vents Blocked?

Every computer system or an electronic item is going to have some vents and pipes to release heat. 

The vent is the primary tool that your MacBook is going to use to get rid of all the heat inside. 

Make sure that none of these exhaust fans and passageways are blocked in any way. 

Even if you have blocked any of these vents accidentally, it is easy to prevent overheating:

  • Invest in a portable foldable table particularly for your MacBook
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in front of the vent whenever using it
  • Avoid using your computer keeping it on the bed or any other soft surface
  • Avoid using it on your lap and/or your carpet
  • Look for a reliable laptop stand
  • You can even use your breakfast table for the purpose


4. Cleaning The Internals Of Your Macbook

MacBooks are known for their long life which makes them prone to dirt and dust over time. 

You must invest a little bit of time and effort in cleaning the internals of your PC every couple of yours. 

This could be a little tricky if you are not deft with screwdrivers and similar handheld tools. 

Always look for online tutorials before you begin dismantling your MacBook to clean out its internal components.



It is important to keep a track of all the applications that might be causing this problem on your computer. 

Do not work under the sunlight or any other warm source of light. 

Do not open multiple browser windows at the same time because that can lead to overheating of your MacBook too. For everything else and more, you can always make your way back here.

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