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Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Best Toptal Alternatives For Hiring Remote Developers In 2022

Nowadays, many businesses are looking to outsource their services to a trustworthy remote software development company. 

This is because it not only saves time but a huge chunk of money. 

Alternatives For Hiring Remote Developers

Some enterprises are even offering fully remote jobs for tech talent. Toptal might be great, but it can become very expensive. 

This especially applies to startups. In this article, we will discuss Toptal alternatives to hiring software developers. 


The primary focus of this remote hiring platform is to assist startups. The developers work hard to make sure they can give their best to the team. 

In terms of layout, it is aesthetically appealing as well as easy to use. 

Along with a professional approach, they have an efficient management team. Therefore, this saves the client from any sort of pressure. 

As a result, there is no obstacle when it comes to project progress.

They provide full-time experts according to the project duration. In terms of response, their team is always on time. 


With extremely talented individuals, Gaper does not disappoint. If an enterprise is looking to hire a software development team, then this is the right channel to consider. 

To become a part of Gaper, a freelance software developer has to go through a series of tests. This is termed the 'vetting' stage.

Moreover, their staff is skilled in programming languages such as React js, MongoDB, Node js, etc. 

If an individual is looking to work on their native developer skills, then Gaper has MERN training programs.

Many companies are offering entry-level jobs for software developers. Instead of digging through countless resumes, Gaper is a suitable portal for finding top-class developers. 

In addition, these engineers come at an affordable price. 

This means that you get the same level as Silicon Valley but at an inexpensive cost. 


When it comes to freelance software engineers, a considerable number of remote companies are hiring now. Are you looking for a capable person for your tech team? 

Then, Upwork is one of those websites that should not go unnoticed. 

The CVs of the candidates are available online. Therefore, the buyer can easily get an idea of their experience, strengths, and expertise. 

When the buyer puts up their project details, the freelancers set a certain cost for their work.

Developers can work at all types of rates. It really depends on the nature of the task. Hence, it is up to the person leading the business to make the call. 

One can find programmers for any magnitude of work, a small glitch, or a huge project. 


It acts as a network that brings software experts and businesses in touch with each other. 

The catch here is that team leaders do not have to fret about hiring the right people. That is Flexiple's role to fulfill!

In terms of quality, Flexiple has a range of talent to offer. In addition, they have a strict screening process for their engineering staff.

The most interesting part is that the software engineers are available to work during different time frames.

Moreover, they have no service fees. They just charge according to the rate of the freelancer. If you are looking for a remote team for hire, then this is an excellent option to consider. 


A US-based company that provides high-quality work, is pretty well known in the tech world. 

It supports more than 25000 freelancers. The list is composed of the best application developers, user interface designers, products managers, etc.

In terms of work quality, the members are professionally verified. This means that the company does not have to worry about wasting money on unknown sources. Hiring is risk-free.

Collaboration is widely promoted by the team of Gun. With flexible work hours, software engineers can work to the best of their abilities. 

This assists in improving the end result and streamlining project phases.


The mother company of this platform is GoScale 2018. In order to ensure the standard of talent remains consistent, Crewscale makes use of an assessment tool. 

This tool is called Talscale and it plays a major part in retaining talent.

The types of customers include small to medium-sized businesses, startups as well as bigger organizations. 

As a customer, you will be surprised to find a diverse range of options available. When compared with other virtual boards, it surely charges less.

The stage of hiring can become long and cumbersome. With Crewscale, the additional stress is reduced to a noticeable extent. Thus, the company can focus on more important tasks. 


These options do not only fit the list of the most impressive work from home jobs.

 It is a great path to increase their freelance software developer salary. Also, it saves them from the hassles of a 9 to 5 job.

For companies, it relieves them from extra expenditures. In Fact, these websites provide quality work for companies hiring remote workers for 2022. 

Hence, if you want to evolve your tech team, then these are the names you should research.

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