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Why Dedicated Software Development In Ukraine Is Booming

Software development services from a dedicated team will cater to your company's needs at scale, helping you meet the increasing challenges and demands with high-quality solutions.

Why Dedicated Software Development in Ukraine Is Booming

Ukraine has a robust IT market and extensive talent pool. By hiring a reputable dedicated team, you will avoid the hassle of hiring and training new staff. 

Key Facts And Figures

While this industry is relatively young (the first firms were established in the late 1990s), this top software development company in Ukraine has impressive experience and a positive reputation in the international market. 

The sector continues to grow by around 20% every year. It is rapidly developing and strengthening cooperation with foreign clients, including such brands as Jaguar, Clinique, and Harley Davidson. 

Here are some of the latest figures:
  • By early 2020, Ukraine had around 200,000 IT specialists and around 4,000 technology companies.
  • Over half (67%) of all local IT professionals reside in three cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.
  • Information and communication technologies account for a fifth of the country's service experts, which makes this industry the third by size.
  • Every year, 20,000 university graduates become part of the national talent pool.
  • Top 50 biggest IT companies in Ukraine employ 53,000 specialists, including 2,000 technical experts.
  • Over 100 businesses included in the Fortune 500 list use information technology services from Ukrainian companies.
  • Three startups based in the country are worth $1 billion or more outlets each, which makes them 'unicorns'. One of them is Grammarly. 
  • According to PwC, Ukraine is the 5th exporter of IT services in the world. Gartner includes it in the top 10 emerging market locations for offshore services.

Advantages Of Dedicated Development

In Ukraine, the hourly rates of IT specialists are much lower than in the West. However, this is not the only benefit, and the quality of services is often very high. 

By outsourcing to a top-rated agency, companies get a team of hand-picked engineers, designers, QA specialists, and other professionals depending on the nature and complexity of their projects. Here are the top five benefits:

1. Expand Development Capacity

Instead of researching the market and interviewing candidates, you get a ready-made group of developers with impressive qualifications and rich experience in relevant fields. 

This format of collaboration allows you to access a vast talent pool. Prominent companies from strong teams that think in terms of value and solutions to real problems. 

2. Save Time

When companies look for developers, the time between contacting a candidate and hiring them takes around 1.5 months on average. 

Ukrainian software providers can prepare a dedicated team for your project within a week on average. 

They will take care of all recruitment procedures and select experts that meet your requirements. 

3. Save Money

Your company will not have to pay for workspaces, hardware or software, office rent, etc. All of these expenses are covered by the provider. 

What's more, Ukraine has very attractive developer hourly rates. They are much lower in comparison with the US and Europe. 

Hiring a dedicated team is a great way to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality.

4. Team Flexibility 

Hiring and firing staff is a time-consuming process. A dedicated team can be expanded or reduced according to your needs. 

Usually, providers allow scaling up and down with a notice period of a month. In addition, it is always possible to find part-time employees for additional tasks.

5. Access To Infrastructure

Popular development companies in Ukraine are located in the largest cities, such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv. 

They have comfortable offices with all necessary technologies and hardware, including excess control systems and security measures. Clients do not need to invest in any additional resources.

6. Smooth Communication

Ukrainian providers are also praised for establishing effective lines of communication with clients. A dedicated client manager is assigned to every project. 

In addition to regular performance reviews, companies keep track of feedback on work quality and job satisfaction. 

Technical events and corporate outings also contribute to strong team culture. 

To Sum up

Ukraine has become one of the primary destinations for outsourcing thanks to high-quality education and a passion for innovation. 

To Sum up

The quality of local services is recognized by some of the biggest global corporations. 

At the same time, lower hourly rates enable businesses from all over the world to develop first-class projects at a lower cost.

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