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Tuesday, 19 April 2022

7 Python Libraries That Data Science Beginner Should Know


These days, everyone is well aware of many things. Most of the people know about the Data Scientist and what he is going to do with the data. 

But being a data scientist you must know about the libraries present in the python as much as we can. 

python libraries

Many of the data scientists use python as a programming language which provides simple coding parts and easy libraries to remember. 

Data Scientists use this python to finish typical tasks which are difficult to solve and it is easier with these python libraries which are simple to remember and execute.

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Let’s look into the python libraries that a beginner in the Data Science field must know.

  • NumPy

NumPy is a python library which is generally used for computing the mathematical problems on the arrays.

It is a library in python and is not a programming language. NumPy is a faster library because it can easily do computations in a simple manner.

Indexing is the important concept in the numpy library which helps to get fast access to any particular data. NumPy library is written using Python and C languages.

  • Pandas

Pandas is a python library which is generally used for analyzing the data and also when the data gets manipulated in the dataframes.

It helps for the data scientists to simply access the data from the databases, files, or from anything using this pandas library which imports the data in a simple manner.

It can be used for the related data in the data structures also. It is open source which helps to solve many tasks in machine learning.

  • Keras

Keras is a library which is used in python to run on the peak of the tensorflow. Since, It’s an inbuilt thing in python it is user friendly.

It is generally used to implement the neural networks in an easier manner. Infact, this keras is developed by Google to implement these neural networks.

It is also used for the development of backend for some calculations regarding the neural networks. It is also helpful for the evaluation of deep neural networks.

It is an efficient way of coding and provides less number of lines in the coding part.

  • Tensorflow

Tensorflow is an open source platform which everyone knows about python and deals with. It has a set of libraries which helps you to understand the concepts of Machine Learning. 

Here, we can easily develop and train the machine learning models in an easier way which gives us debugging in an easier manner.

Infact, it is more helpful for the cloud systems to develop a simple code which gives many benefits for the users. It is developed using C++ programming language.

  • SciPy

SciPy is a python library which is used for scientific computations. SciPy means scientific python.

It gives us many inbuilt functions present in it  which helps to get optimized solutions for any particular task. It is an open source which helps users to access it in an efficient way. 

SciPy is mostly used by data scientists to solve technology related problems. It is the extension of the NumPy module.

The execution of the SciPy is low compared to the others yet it has a lot of inbuilt functions present in it.

  • Matplotlib

Matplotlib is a python library which deals with graphs and provides very good data visualization.

In the name itself, it is clearly mentioned that it is a library used for the plotting in the graphs.

Infact, it is used to create the graphs which are difficult to construct with the given data. It can be seen in the NumPy module yet it also became more popular.

It is not an inbuilt library in the python you have to install this library to use.

  • Plotly

Plotly is a python library which is used for the data analytics, graphs, and also for the statistics.

It is used for data visualization which makes your data more efficient. It is also an open source platform which gives permission for the new users and old users.

It also focuses on the three dimensional things also which is quite difficult. It is a high level Application Program Interface which deals with the graphs.


In this blog, we have gone through the 7 libraries that every data scientist beginner must know are seen.

NumPy, Pandas, Keras,  Tensorflow, SciPy, Matplotlib and Plotly are the python libraries that are explained here. To become a data science expert you have to know about the important libraries that are present in the python. 

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