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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Ark Survival Evolved: Tips You Better Know Before Starting The Game

ARK survival is not an easy game, especially if you are a beginner. Make sure you build a habit to practice as soon as you start playing this game and this way you can get better at it.

But to start with, you cannot enter without knowing the right hacks if you really want to succeed in the game.

Ark Survival Evolved

It is always lucrative for you to read about the field thoroughly before you enter this island.

This game is all about killing or getting killed when you face your enemy, and your chances of survival go really up when you know the right tricks.

You can easily Buy Ark Survival Hacks to improve your gameplay.  Check out some amazing tips below which will help you in the game being a beginner. 

Resources Are Always A Priority

Resources are the soul of this game. One needs to be sure that they have enough sources at all times and for that, it is always important to keep collecting the resources.

The resources include thatch, wood, stones, and fiber. So, you can simply collect these on your way whenever you get time.

Talking about the stone, you know you can pick them up from the floor, however for thatch, one needs to keep punching on the trees on the way.

This is how you can collect your resources which would not only earn you points but at the same time will protect you in the game in the long run.

Using Tools To Collect Resources

It is not necessary to collect the resources by hand only, because some resources like wood need heavy tools like an axe.

One needs to have good knowledge of using these tools because if you have tools and do not use them when required, then there is no point.

You should know the right use of the tools you have and ensure you make the best use of them.

Moreover, these tools save a lot of time and effort and of course, your energy so that you stay active for long.

Utilizing The Engram Points

The game is all about collecting rewards and using them for survival. You get amazing rewards throughout your journey and mostly in the form of engram points.

You can use these points to get the tools for yourself and become stronger to face the enemy.

Now, it is important that you know what is the correct time to use your engram points and what to use them for.

It is recommended to always spend these points on weapons that make your game stronger, rather than spending them on any luxury.

These little things will definitely help you to survive longer on the field.

Kill The Soft Targets First

As mentioned above, the game is all about killing or getting killed, you also have to kill some beings which are not even your enemies.

But as it is a game, and you got to do it, it is suggested to go for the softer targets first. Small animals are comparatively easy to kill and will earn you points.

Hence, always look for the correct targets and you need to keep your eyes open for them.

Do make sure that you kill your targets without hesitating if you want to survive in the game. These points give you the strength and power to fight with your enemies.

Building An Isolated Shelter

One should always build a shelter in a place that is isolated and far from the hotspots and especially avoid open areas such as beaches.

One must look for a place that is hidden and not easy to find for your enemies. Enemies are always after your life in the game, hence, you have to be alert enough even while you are taking a rest.

It is great to be at a place that is covered by trees and not at all easy to spot. In this way, you will be able to relax and take a rest, while collecting the resources.

Make sure your shelter is built in a way that protects you from all the cold at the night.

All the above hacks are the best ones to use in the game as a beginner. Moreover, you can also buy ARK survival hacks for some pro-level tricks if you are passionate about the game.

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