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6 Signs That You Need To Hire An SEO Marketing Manager

In digital marketing, a website is a powerful tool to generate leads, strengthen online presence, and increase sales.

However, achieving those goals is not a walk in the park. Your website has to undergo a rigorous development, design, and optimization process before you can publish it and make it available for the public to visit. 


It is only the first stage in making it an effective marketing platform for your business.

When you have a business website, it needs regular maintenance from web experts to ensure that it will not encounter problems such as hacking and malware attacks.

If an issue occurs, it can affect the operations of your business. If you want to prevent it, it is advisable to hire a team of website and SEO experts who will manage this platform to achieve the business's goals.

When To Hire An SEO Marketing Manager

If you are having second thoughts about hiring website and SEO experts, here are some signs or instances where you would need their specializations for your business according to

1. Website Doesn't Appear On Search Engines

If your website is not appearing in any search engine when you look for it, it defeats the purpose of having one.

Building it is not, and it tends to be costly because of the hosting, security certificate, and other elements of web development.

So when your website fails to show on search queries, an error must have occurred while launching it.

An SEO marketing manager can help you troubleshoot issues like this on your website and make it appear on search engines.

Aside from that, they can help you improve your ranking by:

  • Inserting high ranking keywords on your website 
  • Using SEO tools to optimize the website completely
  • Producing different types of content 
  • Reaching out to other websites for backlink and off-page SEO efforts

2. Problem With Website Traffic

Search engines are volatile, especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They constantly change algorithms, so it is not uncommon for websites to experience fluctuating website traffic and rankings.

However, if the traffic is consistently dropping by significant amounts, it could be one or two of these reasons:

  • Error in configuration settings
  • Backlinks are not working
  • Wrong use or choice of keywords
  • Violation of search engine's terms and conditions
  • Website content is not original

When you have no idea what is causing the decrease in website traffic, hiring an SEO marketing manager is the best way to avoid further losses. They can gradually help your traffic to increase again organically. 

3. Website Takes Time To Load

One of the key aspects to ranking your website high on search engines is to ensure that it loads fast.

If your website fails to load within 10 seconds of opening it, there must be something wrong.

Often, the culprit for this problem is the server's capacity and your website's hosting plan. 

Hiring SEO experts that have the skills and knowledge can guarantee faster loading times.

The improvement in loading time can significantly contribute to making this online platform rank high on search engines. 

4. Website Is Unresponsive

When your website suddenly becomes unresponsive on different devices, it can significantly affect your SEO performance.

According to recent studies, people are glued to their mobile phones more than any other devices, such as desktops and tablets.

It is also their primary device when searching for information on the internet using search engines.

It is crucial for your website traffic and ranking the responsiveness of this platform.

If you encounter problems related to it, you should hire an SEO marketing manager and other experts to ensure your website's excellent performance.

5. Lacks Website Design And Looks Outdated

Given that you have no back-end problems, are you sure that your website's design is appealing to your target audience and can attract others to visit it?

Your website's design plays a vital role in the excellent performance of its SEO.

Your website must adhere to the branding of the company and the industry it belongs to.

For example, companies in the food industry usually play around with the colors red, yellow, and orange as part of their branding.

They incorporate that into their website because it induces hunger in people.

It is also crucial to apply artistic elements to keep the visitors interested and engaged with every page they visit. 

6. No Leads Converted To Sales

As part of the marketing strategy, website development's core purpose is to increase your business's sales.

If it fails to deliver it, you should think about hiring an SEO manager who will oversee the website's activities and help convert generated leads into actual sales of the business.

In doing so, you will prevent wasting a critical resource of the business, which is money.

When you build and maintain a website, there are monthly or annual costs, such as the payment on the hosting plan, security certificate, and website builder.

It is essential that you get a return on investment from this marketing tool.

Key Takeaways

Hiring an SEO team who are experts in their field of digital marketing is crucial when you decide to build and maintain a website for your business.

You may opt to hire an in-house team or outsource them from your area's leading digital marketing company.

The critical aspect here is that you should have open line communication with them to achieve the goals of the company related to the online tools you have.

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