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Friday, 16 September 2022

The Most Comfortable Settings Of NBA 2K 23

What NBA 2K23 settings work best? You should spend some time examining all the options accessible to you in the basketball simulation from 2K Sports before settling on the settings you feel most comfortable with.

Even though a lot of the advice on this page is extremely individualized, we have put together a few ideas that we think will help you improve your game, in spite of that, you could find many ways to spend a lot of cash on NBA 2K 23MT Coins, it will still work for you, hopefully.

NBA 2K 23

For your benefit, firstly you can play with a ton of different camera setups in NBA 2K23, but in our opinion, nothing beats the tried-and-true 2K option.

In a manner similar to Madden NFL, this positions you behind the offensive team, so you can fully read the field and identify any wide-open teammates or lanes.

This viewpoint, in our opinion, is also ideal for defense because it gives you a complete view of both the player you are defending and any activity going on around you.

Naturally, if you prefer a lower viewpoint, you can adjust the zoom and height.

You can also reduce motion blur in the Settings if you find that it interferes with your timing. 

Second, If the shot meter is enabled, NBA 2K23's new feature lets you choose how quickly, or slowly, it appears.

Very Early, Early, Late, and Very Late are the four permutations that are available in the Controller Settings.

Adjusting this won't change the animations of your jump shots, but it will slow down how quickly the meter displays.

Personally, we prefer Very Early because it gives you a few extra milliseconds to time your release after pressing the button.

However, if you feel like you're consistently undercooking your shots, you might prefer Very Late or somewhere in the middle.

Practice with one of your favorite 2KU players to find out what works best for you. 

Moreover, Your Defensive Assist Strength in the Controller Settings will be set to 50 by default.

This function tries to anticipate the movements of the opponents you are defending against, although we occasionally think it is far too aggressive.

If you are confident in your ability on the sticks, you can turn this off completely, but we advise leaving it on a little bit, so you still have some magnetism to help you remain ahead of competitors.

Spend some time in 2KU to figure out what works for you, but personally, we think that the sweet spot is at around 25. 

Last but not the least, nothing in NBA 2K23 is more annoying than watching a teammate who is open accidentally pass the ball to the wrong person.

Fortunately, you may modify the Pass Target Profile in the Controller Settings.

Pass Target Direction, Pass Target Distance, and Pass Target Openness are the three main data points that are weighted in this calculation.

Although you are free to experiment further and uncover what works flawlessly for you, we find that the ideal option is a profile that weights passing a tick more towards openness than the default level.

If you choose Full Receiver Control in the Receiver Control option, you will actually be able to manually reposition your teammate while holding the button down.

Keep in mind that you can lead a teammate into an open area by holding a Circle. Wish you have a good time in the game.

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