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Tuesday 7 November 2023

What Is Elixir And Why Should You Use It?

Illuminating The Path To Elite Software Development With Elixir

For a substantial amount of time, ‘Elixir’ as a programming language has been gaining considerable momentum and prominence in the programming world.


It has the reliability and ability to handle heavy traffic and has gained enough prominence in the banking industry, with the expansion of various Elixir Development Companies, where data undergoes constant verification, tracking, monitoring, and consolidation to make sure all the processes take place securely enough that the user does not go through losses or mistakes of any kind.

It also serves as an excellent choice for scaling applications that demand smooth operation with low latency.

As a widely used high-concurrency and low-latency programming language, it was first introduced in 2011 by a member of the Rails Core Team and a Ruby developer named José Valim.

Since the time that it was released, there has been a significant upswing in the demand for Elixir developers.

Elixir is primarily used to develop websites that recurrently undergo high traffic loads, as well as applications that are extensively capable of growth, such as networking sites and messaging applications.

While the language has made significant strides in the web application development field, many businesses may not be aware of the many benefits it could bring to their software development in contrast to technologies like Java, Ruby, etc.

Since Elixir is built on top of Erlang, which happens to be another utilizable programming language that has also been used for quite some time now, Elixir can usually be operated with the help of an Erlang library, which could mean that the developers may tap into a myriad of resources despite the relative newness of the language.

Ruby has the upper hand in generating templates to create a structure for the project to help it get up and running more quickly, but it still struggles to perform under high load, which is why Elixir can be used resourcefully to eradicate that disadvantage.

Compelling Rationale For Opting For Elixir Software Development

Although data could be modified by using a programming language like Java, variables could still pass around within the programme and cause changes in various places, which could eventually make it difficult to hunt down bugs.

However, this isn’t the case with Elixir since it is a functional language that renders the data involved immutable or unmodifiable.

A functional programming language like Elixir is useful for carrying out simple tasks that also have a clear purpose.

Basic changes could be made more quickly as it facilitates efficient testability; however, making important changes to the existing code without changing its external behavior could negatively impact the development process as it could be vulnerable to breaking easily.

A functional, immutable language like Elixir can carry out testing and refactoring in a much simpler way, and significant changes could be made without making things worse.

Elixir capacitates parallelizing workloads and using a multitude of processes native to Elixir, which is similar to a trait of Erlang.

Single-threaded code in languages such as Java is not meant to handle high loads, as it will be required to be rewritten once the service begins to scale.

Elixir may require certain changes here and there, but it may require much less in other programming languages.

Elixir uses the Phoenix framework, which is a web framework primarily used by Elixir developers, where each request deals with its own process that could turn out to be extremely fast even with a low memory footprint.

This proves to be useful in creating thousands of processes quickly without having to worry about their impact on performance.

Parallel systems may, however, tend to have latency and responsiveness issues because a singular task takes up and functions with a lot of computing power.

However, in Elixir, the process scheduler may proactively shift control to a different process even if the application is going through an extreme load; a single slow process is likely to hinder the entire system.

So Elixir ensures an application’s low latency, which is imminent in modern web applications, to strive for and maintain a consistent experience for all visitors.

Many programming languages often pose the risk of a bug causing an entire application to crash; in Elixir, however, the failure is restricted to a single process.

Elixir is designed in a way that limits the ‘blast radius’ when a process poses the risk of failing.

Consider a situation where a web application user makes a request that has a bug in it.

Although the process could crash, other users will stay connected as it could be managed easily by the language.

There are cases where Elixir may not be encouraged to be used; this could be when the CPU-bound system with sequential tasks is connected to Elixir, which again may not be a good match.

If a task requires a great deal of CPU power or advanced mathematical problems, then we should opt for or use a different programming language.

On the contrary, if the use case doesn't involve CPU-bound or any inherent sequential tasks, then it could be perfectly suitable for Elixir.

To be more specific, Elixir works well with systems that involve high traffic, have different connections, or have other I/O operations.

This situation is applicable to many use cases, including chat backends (e.g., Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp), APIs, web applications, web servers, and more.

An Infallible Epilogue To Elixir Software Development Brilliance

As an Elixir Development Company, we can assist your business in handling failures within individual processes that will help keep your entire system stable and address arising issues.

Our Outsourced Software Product Development Company can help you build exceptional Elixir applications that would be well-suited for high-traffic scenarios, making it an ideal choice for your businesses to build and upkeep a substantial digital presence.

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