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Tuesday, 11 July 2023

BitRAT HVNC Crack Download [ 2023 ] Best Native Windows RAT

It is the latest, most powerful, and best remote administration tool in 2023 for Windows. You can remotely control your victim devices, mine cryptocurrency from your victims, and perform many more amazing tasks.

BitRAT is a paid rat but I can give you a download link + a full tutorial of this rat below. I personally recommend you buy this rat because of its powerful features which you do not see in any other paid or in free RAT ( Remote Administration Tool ).


Read this full article to know about the powerful and new features of this RAT. I also give you a discount voucher code below of BitRAT which helps you to less some charges from the actual price. I hope It adds to the top remote administration tool 2023 categories.

How To Download & Install?

  • Turn off your antivirus 1st or Turn off windows defender's real-time protection
  • Download software from the below download button
  • Extract file
  • Open the folder and run BitRAT.exe
  • Enjoy.

How To Purchase Full BitRAT At A Low Price?

BitRAT Latest Cracked

  • Go to BitRAT 20$ Buy Website
  • Then buy from there at a low price
  • Lifetime activated BitRAT full version with ( XMR Mining + HVNC + DDOS ) Feature
  • Enjoy.

Download BitRAT Crack HVNC Lifetime Activated

Link 1

Try download link 2 If download link 1 not working

Link 2


1. Microsoft Netframework 3.5 or 4.6.1 ( Download Here 3.5 ) ( Download Here 4.6.1 )

System Compatibility

This RAT ( Remote Access Tool ) is compatible with all windows operating systems. We successfully tested this RAT on all windows. It works pretty nice on all operating systems. It is the best pc remote administration tool 2021.

  • Windows 10  ( Recommended System )
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP

How To Use?

I am sharing with you a complete guide about this best rat 2021 and how to use BitRAT ( Remote Administration Tool ) by providing you a complete video tutorial. Watch this video tutorial complete and don't skip any step.

About BitRAT

It is coded in C++ programming language. It is the latest version of the best PC RAT 2023 in the market. It is used by hackers to remotely access their victims.

This RAT has built-in Hidden RDP - HVNC ( can be purchased separately within RAT at a low price ) and is more powerful than others which supports many latest browser versions.

BitRAT Cracked

This RAT can handles up to 10k bots at a single time without any kind of lag and low CPU usages. It can bind 5 files up to a time. It is the best pc remote administration tool for 2021.

This best remote desktop software 2021 supports all-new browser versions for the password recovery feature. Their password recovery feature is updated every time and recovers passwords from all updated browsers. It is the best RAT tool for 2023.

It supports advanced and fast versions of the remote desktop feature. You can connect your pc mouse and keyboard with your victim through this remote desktop feature and control your victim's pc remotely.

It supports a reverse proxy feature in it which supports socks 4 and socks 5 for a very fast and stable connection for an easy swap between victims' pc. It is the best paid remote administration tool in 2023.

this best remote desktop software 2021 supports the hidden chrome browser feature by which you can open your victim chrome browser hiddenly remotely without known them to your victim.

You can use XMR mining feature on your victims to utilizing XMRig. It works with a CPU or with GPU. For faster mining select the 64-bit option.

This RAT also supports the latest keylogger with many powerful and advanced features. The keylogger can save keystrokes in stealth mode that works online or offline in both.

Don't use this RAT for any illegal purposes because I am not responsible for any illegal activity. It is paid the best rat tool 2022. When  BitRAT cracked was launched in the market I will provide you their cracked version but I recommended you to buy this for a better experience and support.

It is the best remote administration tool 2022 in the market which supports two modes of connection. It the 1st RAT ever which uses introduce this new feature in the market. It is the best paid rat 2021.

It uses two modes of connections which are as follows.

1. Secure Sockets ( TLS 1.3 )
2. Tor ( New Feature )

Secure Sockets ( TLS 1.3 )

In secure sockets modes of connection, we use public DNS services, like DuckDNS, NO-IP, etc. that ban you that's why you can your tor and I consider It is the best rat tool 2023 due to its amazing features.

Tor ( The Onion Root )

You can easily generate your own hidden service (.onion address) from the RAT with a single click that your .exe can connect to. It is the top rat 2023 new feature that was first discovered in this rat. 

Using .onion address and it can never be taken down by anyone. By using the Tor hidden service method, you do not need to forward any ports. It is the best paid remote administration tool in 2023.


  • 2 modes of connection
  • Clients control
  • Update
  • Disconnect
  • Reconnect
  • Uninstall
  • Remote system
  • System information
  • File manager
  • Show message box
  • Hidden vnc viewer
  • Hidden rdp
  • Pastebin uploader
  • Binder
  • Word exploit
  • Ring 3
  • Rootkit
  • Assembly
  • Keylogger
  • Recovery
  • Anonfile uploader
  • Stealer
  • Hidden browser remotely
  • Startup manager
  • Task manager
  • Remote shell
  • TCP connection
  • Reverse proxy
  • Registry editor
  • Elevate client permissions
  • Turn-off
  • Turn-on
  • Stand-by
  • Remote control
  • Remote desktop
  • Remote webcam
  • Keylogger
  • Remote microphone
  • Velos stealer
  • Remote execute
  • Visit website
  • UAC exploit
  • Kills windows defender
  • Protect process ( Impossible to kill)
  • Direct reverse connection mode via secure sockets
  • Tor connection
  • Group view
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Connection capacities
  • XMR Miner
  • Reverse proxy
  • SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Etc many more.

BTC Plan Purchase Method Explain

 A BTC payment is not like a Paypal payment or like swiping your debit card. You have to wait for the miner's confirmation before the payment will go through. This will entirely depend on your fee. 
When you initiate a transaction it is uploaded to what’s called the mempool. You can track your transaction hash at and if you’ve opted to pay the priority fee(usually a few cents above average).

your payment for this remote access tool will confirm within a few minutes. If you’ve opted to pay less than the minimal fee, you will have your best remote access tool 2023 once your payment confirms simply. 
The payment process is automatic and has not made errors to this date. Only contact support with your blockchain hash ready, typically found in your wallet, after it has been marked confirmed by the mempool and you still do not have access to this best remote administration tool 2021. 


Q. My Client doesn’t have TOR Browser installed, will a TOR stub still work? 
A. Yes, this best remote access tool will install TOR Libraries in the End user’s background processes 
Q. Help! My RDP/VPS/Host crashed and my pc rat Client is gone! 
A. Simply download the pc rat client on your new host machine and click “Update HWID”. Enter your very first HWID.

Q. TOR is stuck on an endless loop loading. 
A. Sync your clock with your system’s designated region and make sure It is up to date. TOR protocol depends on this in order to function.  
Q. This best paid remote access trojan 2023 will not boot and gives me a “TOR Failure” error code. 
A. Close BitRAT.exe, Open the task manager, End the TOR task, and restartbest paid remote access trojan 2021. 

Q. How do I update this best paid rat 2023? 
A. Download the new client from the main host link. Extract the contents to your best paid remote access trojan 2021 directory. Do not delete your old directory. 

Q. Where can I find my HWID after I have already paid for this paid rat? 
A. You can find your HWID by right-clicking > About. 
Q. Do I need to register a .onion link in order to use this best remote administration tool TOR Hidden service? 
A. No, this paid rat will autoregister a unique .onion link for you simply by clicking “generate”. This will be stored in the default rat folder\data\tor\html

Q. How can I crack BitRAT? Because I have no money for purchasing
A. No, It is not possible for BitRAT cracked. You can choose a discount voucher and purchase this RAT at a low price.
Q. What is BitRAT’s client capacity? Will thousands of clients make it unbearably slow? 
A. Though I would recommend installing separate tags and sockets for different spreading campaigns, No. It utilizes FastObjectListview and pulls heavy data from clients once you initialize the connection. 
Q. What crypter can we use best with this best pc rat 2023? 
A. Currently, this pc rat does not promote any crypter services, however, most crypters will work with this best pc rat 2023.  
Q. How can I check to see if my port is opened? 
A. Use a free port scanning service like You can verify the port was scanned by checking the connection log located inside the RAT. 

Q. I would like to move this best remote access tool to an RDP/PC/VPS. How do I change my HWID license? 
A. From the payment screen, at the bottom of the window you can update your HWID by inputting your old, FIRST one. 

Q. How do I back up my TOR clients? 
A. Simply copy your TOR directory. BitRAT\data\Tor\html 

Q. Do you have a monthly package available? 
A. No. this remote access trojan is currently only a Lifetime license. 

Q. Where will I find BitRAT Cracked version?
A. It is not very easy to cracked BitRAT due to their security.

Q. My hVNC is connecting but only showing a black screen. 
A. You must force restart your client. Try without Admin privileges, connecting with a limited user, then UAC Exploit. 

Q. What CPU specs are best for this RAT? 
A. It can run on a basically modern device running Windows. Recommended specs are an i7-6650 or newer with at least 8GB of RAM and you can comfortably manage up to 10,000 clients; though capable of more. 


I hope you like this article about BitRAT. If you have any questions related to this article then drop your comment below. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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