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Thank you for showing your interest in contributing to Majid Z Hacker Blog.

Our Blog gives you a chance to reach a worldwide audience, and Majid Z Hacker Blog makes the audience read your article first due to our strong position in search engines.

We provide paid guest posts on our blog at a very reasonable price. Contributing articles can increase your website traffic and you will get more sales and increase Global Reach. So, start writing for us now to add your article to our tech blog.

You can email us at anonymousbaba460@gmail.com or you can contact us by using our Contact Us Page to submit your content.


Note: We only accept paid guest posts.


What Is Guest Blogging Or “Write For Us”?

Guest Posting, Guest Blogging, and Write For Us are the same terms. It is the way of writing content for another personal blog to build good relationships and increase brand authority and website traffic.


write for us


“Write For Us” or “Guest Blogging” establishes a way with the admin of the blog that hosts your post and helps you to establish authority with their audience.

In this process, you write a unique and SEO-friendly article according to the requirements of the admin of a specific blog and get a backlink in return.



It is an effective strategy for keeping your audience interested in your blog and your audience growing day by day.

  • Increases your website traffic
  • Boosts your domain authority
  • Build good relationships in the industry
  • It offers SEO benefits

Guest posting is a powerful way to improve your content marketing strategy. Publishing guest posts daily is a good way to increase your website traffic and rankings on the search engine.


Topics We Cover

Our blog covers all types of general topics related to digital marketing to help all businesses.

  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Crypto
  • CBD
  • General posts
  • Tech related content
  • Mobiles and gadgets
  • Digital marketing
  • Business


Topics We Don’t Cover

Our blog doesn’t cover the kind of topics that are not allowed by Google Ads Network in their policies which are as follows below.

  • Casino posts
  • Gambling
  • Adult post
  • Other languages posts ( Except English )
  • Vape related content


Why Is Guest Posting Important For Your Business?

Guest blogging or writing for us offers so many benefits for your business. For Example, If you have an eCommerce shop or an affiliate products website then your main goal is to generate so many sales in a minimum time.

If you want to generate so many sales in less time, then you need your product posts or affiliate posts should be ranked on the search engines in higher positions because there is tough competition on the search engines in that kind of niche.


guest posting


In this case, guest blogging comes in use to rank on search engines at a higher position to generate more sales. You need to spend a little budget on guest posting on your relevant niche sites that offer “write for us”.

You give your article to the admin of these sites and in return, they give you a dofollow backlink to your products page that helps to boost your page ranking on the search engine and more leads will be generated by this process.


How To Find + “Write For Us” Websites From Google?

It is one of the best and easiest ways of finding websites from Google that allow us to contribute content to their blogs by fulfilling their requirements.

You can use some Google dorking techniques to find the kind of blogs that accept guest posting related to your niche. Some of the most popular guest blogging findings stings are as follows below.

  • + “write for us”
  • + “contribute to our blog”
  • +“guest blog”
  • +“guest post
  • + “contribute guest post”
  • + “become a guest blogger”
  • + “send a tip”
  • + “guest post by”
  • + “guest author”


What We Look For

Check our sample posts and take a look at article formatting, style, and structure before submitting your content.

Make sure your content fulfills our requirements to increase your chances of getting featured on our blog.

  1. Content should be unique, SEO friendly, niche-relevant, well-researched, and fully optimized. The minimum content length must be 600 words.
  2. Your content should be 100% original and not published anywhere.
  3. Provide relevant high-quality copyright-free images with your blog post in Google Docs.
  4. Maximum 2 Dofollow links allowed in the content. If you want more than 2 links then extra charges may apply.


What We Don’t Look For

  1. Topics that are already published on our blog. Please search on our site about that topic before submitting your articles.
  2. Topics that are irrelevant or Non-informative.
  3. Too much promotion
  4. Copied content from anywhere
  5. Misleading information


Whom Do We Allow To Publish On Our Blog?

We give the chance to guest posting on our blog to new upcoming bloggers, content writers, new business startups, freelancers, outreach experts, and individual writers.


guest blogging


It is a win-to-win situation for both parties in guest blogging. Anyone who has the potential and write for us is welcome to our blog.


How To Submit Your Content?

We accept submissions in Google Documents format so we can easily review your draft. You may also submit us a plaintext file, or a link to an HTML document. We don’t accept ZIP Files due to security reasons.


You can email us at anonymousbaba460@gmail.com or you can contact us by using our Contact Us Page to submit your content.


Note: We only accept paid guest posts.