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10 Best Instagram Video Editing Tools 2021

If you're using Instagram to promote your e-commerce company, you're certainly aware of the platform's frequent updates. Do you remember when it was just still pictures, but not any ads? With more than 1 billion monthly active users, the platform has evolved significantly.

We've got video content on Instagram, Stories advertising, sponsored commercials, and even IGTV. This feature set has also driven creators to choose a cutting-edge video editor to keep up with the increased demand for video content.


You can only do so much with one kind of material; therefore, it's essential to include a variety of content types (such as videos) in your Instagram marketing plan, particularly since a majority of customers want to see companies increase their video output.

However, it's not as simple as just pulling the trigger and publishing. And another thing: you also want to edit your clips. In order to accomplish that, you should look at our compilation of the finest Instagram video editors in 2021.

10 Finest Instagram Video Editing tools in 2021

 1. InVideo

To edit your Instagram clips in only a few minutes, you may leverage the simple UI and overall style of InVideo. When you browse the platform, you will discover more than 2,000 video templates that allow you to turn a fresh appearance into your movie in seconds.

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If you want to add text to any video, you may either upload your media assets or use a script of your own. The IVA, also known as the Intelligent Video Assistant, is what makes this program fascinating.

The algorithm-controlled functionality is designed to provide you with even better video edits. If you're using it for the first time, try the free plan for a few days and see how it works for you. To access additional features, you may subscribe to the Pro version.

2. Wave Video

As well as being very popular among today's Instagram content producers, it's also widely used by emerging creators. The whole process of making a movie from start to finish just takes a few minutes with Wave.

This app also has a setting to produce square films which are perfect for Instagram. Many viewers keep the sound off when they're watching Instagram videos, but using the text overlay feature may help you get your point through precisely when you're the only one looking at your video.

You don't have to download the video in landscape and vertical forms several times if you just need to have it in landscape and vertical format.


You may already have a VSCO account or have at least heard of it if you're interested in photography. In 2017, VSCO (a mobile photo-editing app) included a video editor. This is a very new tool to help you edit your Instagram videos, but it's a fantastic addition to have.

You'll also get access to the VSCO community, where you can connect with hundreds of other creative people. VSCO provides a 7-day free trial, allowing you to test the value of it before buying it.

With the free trial, you will pay a modest one-time fee of $19.99 and have access to the video and picture editor for the year.

4. Quik

You should know about Quik if you have a GoPro since it's the app where you can easily see and process your GoPro footage and photos. You may also import footage from your Camera Roll into your Quik movie.

If you're a creative type, you may opt to produce films yourself, or allow the app to create videos for you by collecting moments and assembling them. Everything seems polished and well organized, and the cuts and transitions flow effortlessly.

There is a 30-day free trial of Quik, so you may test it out before you buy it. You won't see any advertisements or company logos in your films, either.

5. FilmoraGo

You don't have to be concerned with ugly watermarks or time-limited obstructions when you utilize FilmoraGo. The program offers users easy-to-use tools to add visual effects and music to their videos, resulting in a full-featured mobile video studio.

You can effortlessly combine photographs and videos together, and you have a large variety of themes and effects to select from.
This online video editor app has a slow-motion editor, duplicate video cutter, and trim function, plus reverse play. This is the finest Instagram video editor according to some users.

6. Horizon

To take full use of Instagram, most users record videos in portrait mode since it is most suitable for Instagram. This means that you may fill up the whole screen of a phone. On the other hand, almost every other platform enables horizontal video clips.

Regardless of how you hold the camera, the Horizon app will prevent shooting in portrait mode. The recorded video is always horizontal regardless of the position of the camera. Without this, your horizontal movies may potentially appear cluttered and amateurish.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush was formerly referred to as Adobe Premiere Clip. It facilitates two types of editing: freeform and automated. Automatic mode will automatically put together the movie with seamless transitions and chosen material.

Freeform mode allows you to do all of the editing on your own. While the software is available for free and doesn't need payment, it only comes with 2GB of storage. You may subscribe to the Premiere Rush Single App for $9.99/month if you require more than that.

8. Apple Clips

This dead-simple video editing software, Apple Clips, was made by Apple. It is packed with features, but advanced choices are not included for those wanting to go beyond the starting line.

People like to use Apple Clips for its seamless functionality, but that is the only reason for it being popular. You must have an iOS device to install it, as is the case with a majority of Apple-developed services.

You can use Apple Clips on any iOS device. It's crucial to have an iPhone 7 or later, iPad (6th generation), or the 2017 iPad Pro or later to use all of the capabilities.

9. Boomerang

This video-editing application is a great choice if you want to add some genuine fun to your Instagram videos. Unlike the Instagram video editing tools listed above, Boomerang is a bit distinct.

You may use 10 photos in a sequence to create a GIF or build your short films instead of having someone else make a formal video for you. Selecting pictures is all it takes to make a video clip loop automatically.

However, Boomerang is not intended for professionals in the video-editing industry, therefore all of the feature sets it offers are more than enough.

10. WeVideo

WeVideo is a fantastic video editing application that is cloud-based, so anybody on earth can use it, regardless of time or location. This convenient feature has allowed more than 30 million current accounts to be created.

Not only is WeVideo good for basic video editing, but it can also do much more if you intend on taking your movies to the next level. WeVideo provides five different plans. There are no additional costs for starting a basic subscription, although as you'd expect, it doesn't have many features.

In this instance, you'll be given 1GB of cloud storage and you'll be limited to just 5 minutes of post-publishing time per month. Buying a premium subscription before posting videos on Instagram can help your company.


It seems Instagram's popularity will be around for some time, as major influencers around the globe are always coming up with new and creative viral videos and advertising some of the most impressive goods on the channel.

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You can choose any of the above-mentioned tools and get started with your Instagram video editing endeavors.

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