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Industries Influenced By Technology In Decade

We have engraved technology in our lives. The industrial revolution was the fastest revolution that humans have yet experienced. 

The last decade was all about technological advancements. It also affected every sphere of human lives, including political, economic, and societal. 

Industries Influenced By Technology In Decade

There is an increased chance that artificial intelligence (A. I.) will even surpass the industrial revolution. 

However, for now, technological advancements are the norm of today. We see technology everywhere, yet it has become so common that we can easily overlook it. 

Technology impacted almost every industrial sector. The Covid-19 further accelerated this shift. 

The industries that were working remotely or through online platforms came out victorious from the global pandemic.

On the other hand, the industries that lacked technology had to pay an enormous price for their ignorance. Covid-19 became an eye-opener for those industries. 

Every industry is now trying to take as much advantage of technology as it possibly can. 

Some companies who have seen the effectiveness of a virtual office have decided to make the switch to remote working permanently. 

Technology has brought a lot of opportunities for everyone involved.     

1. Marketing Sector

The advancements in technology have changed the marketing sector. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, nearly everyone today owns at least one. 

It has resulted in the extensive transfer of data. Companies can use this data to sell their products. Yet, the data cannot be used in its raw form. 

It has to be analyzed for it to be helpful. It has led to an increased demand for data analytics. Considering the increased demand, many universities are offering an online master of science in analytics

The online master's program will let you study from anywhere in the world. Online students also have a flexible schedule which helps work students.   

2. Telecommunication Sector

The communication sector has also reaped many benefits of technological advancements. The introduction of 3G technology was celebrated by many at the beginning of the 2000s. 

However, the advent of 4G amazed everyone. The shift from 3G to 4G was phenomenal. 

The download speed changed from 1.5 Megabytes per second to 15 Megabytes per second. 

It means that the data which took hours to download using 3G technology would only take seconds to download if you were using 4G technology. 

It, in turn, became the reason for the popularity of smartphones. Now you rarely see a person who does not use mobile data to stream music and videos on their mobile phones.      

3. Use Of Social Media Platform

With the popularity of smartphones came the era of social media platforms. Today social media platforms are not just limited to socializing. 

Nowadays the consumers use social media to sell their products as well as services. The client testimonials help businesses gain new customers. 

It is the reason why the social media platforms have launched their targeted ads. Their ad campaigns target buyers who are specifically looking for a related product. 

Outreach to a specific audience increases the chances of making a sale in comparison with traditional advertising. 

Now social media is not only a space where you connect with friends and relatives, but it has also become a marketing tool.      

4. Health Care Sector

The effects of technology on healthcare are countless. Every day the healthcare industry is growing and developing. Many diseases were previously considered incurable and fatal. 

Now not only are such diseases being cured, but the treatment has become almost pain-free. These technological advancements have even made medical procedures cost-efficient for everyone. Now patients can even purchase diagnostic tools. 

Due to the technology, the disease can be diagnosed at an early stage, which results in earlier treatment saving both resources and causing speedy recovery. It has resulted in a long and quality life.

Moreover, the availability of the internet has resulted in easy access to information. Not only are there official hospital websites and online blogs run by professional health care workers. 

But, due to technology, now a patient can communicate with a relevant doctor anywhere on the planet. 

5. Education Sector

The education sector has been keeping up with technology for a long time. The professors and the students have made use of software like PowerPoint and Word. 

However, not many institutes were familiar with remote learning, or they never practiced it in real-time. 

However, the coronavirus pushed a lot of institutes towards remote learning as well as remote teaching. 

Students and teachers were both asked to continue their classes from their homes. It resulted in virtual classrooms. 

Now many software and gadgets are explicitly being designed and launched for conducting online courses and taking tests.      


Technology is the foundation of the world we live in. When we start looking for it, we can find it almost anywhere. 

We use technology to gain knowledge, we use it to spread knowledge, and we also use it for our recreational activities. 

Whether you are planning out a picnic with a group of friends or making dinner for the family, you will be using technology. 

This overdependence on technology has led many industries to invest in technology. Many others are dependent on technology like ourselves. 

Technology has been helping us in many ways. Whether you are a student, an employee, or a business person, you can take advantage of technology in every way imaginable.      

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