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Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Contact Lenses, The 5 Things To Know!

Contact lenses, despite common beliefs, can be a lifelong visual aid if you follow a few rules for use and maintenance. 

contact lenses

We propose 5 fundamental rules for choosing and using lenses.

1) Lens Hygiene:

From a hygienic point of view, any infections can be prevented by paying attention to a few details, that is, you must always wash your hands with a suitable soap for at least 40 seconds to eliminate any possible bacterial form from your skin, 

Contact lenses and the lens case must never come into contact with running water or bottled water, as they are sources of bacteria, in case you need to rinse you can use the unique solution for lenses. Also read

Contact or saline solution. To maintain your contact lenses you must use the appropriate unique solutions or alternatively peroxide (which requires rinsing with saline solution before application). 

It is always necessary to respect the expirations of the lenses and maintenance liquids and to store them at suitable temperatures. 

In case of sudden redness of your eyes, it is advisable to remove contact lenses immediately and to visit your ophthalmologist or optician contact doctor to solve the problem.

2) First Application:

In fact, each lens has a different curvature and a different diameter, so it will be necessary to evaluate the right choice for your eye. 

Regular checks will allow you to use the lenses over the years without running into more serious eye diseases. 

3) Contact Lenses And Sports:

Contact lenses are suitable for any sport, indeed they improve visual performance compared to glasses, improving the width of the visual field, the size of objects, and the speed of perception of moving objects. 

Once applied, soft contact lenses will remain well-positioned on your eye and will allow you to practice any sport, including contact ones, and even in dry or dusty environments, thanks to the high hydration of current lenses on the market

For water sports, due to possible bacteriological contamination, the use of swimming goggles or masks is recommended, alternatively, you can buy daily lenses which must be thrown away after sports-aquatic use. 

When you’re going to buy contact lenses online, at least you can search for more related information.

4) Contact Lens Materials:

More than ten years have now passed in the revolution of the silicone-hydrogel material in the construction of contact lenses. 

This material, unlike the hydrogel, allows the passage of oxygen through the contact lens to your cornea, allowing the re-epithelialization of the cornea with the lens worn. 

On a practical level, these "Breathable" lenses can be worn from the morning as soon as you get out of bed until the evening before going to sleep, without causing any damage to your eyes, unlike classic contact lenses which had to be removed 3-4 hours before going to sleep. 

Some lenses are also tested for continuous use 24 hours a day from 7 to 30 days, you must first inquire with your optician about this possibility and the brand of the lenses.

5) Drop-Out Of Contact Lenses: 

The main cause of contact lens drop-out (i.e. the abandonment of the use of lenses) is the arrival of presbyopia after the age of 40. 

In fact, many people abandon their lenses as they choose them as an alternative to glasses, and the choice to use reading glasses over the contact lenses worn is not considered a valid alternative. 

For this problem, there are special multifocal contact lenses (sometimes little advertised by opticians) that allow optimal vision both up close and far. 

These lenses are marketed both on a daily, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

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