Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Top 4 Popular Mobile Games Ever

Several decent mobile games are available in the Google and Apple Play Stores.

Almost every second or third person owns a smartphone now, which means the popularity and downloads of these mobile games are far more than in the previous decade.

pokemon go

But everybody loves a different genre of games. We all might never agree on one game to be the best.

But, whatever genre you might like, playing games with friends, families, and people globally will always be fun.

Playing games gives a better chance(to introverts especially) to interact with other people.

Most Popular Games You Should Try

Before I start, there is one thing that you might want to know: I am not ranking these games because different people love different genres.

1) PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the most downloaded games on smartphones. It is available for Android and iPhone users.

The previous year's report shows that a billion people have downloaded this app.

It has millions of active players on the platform. It gives you easy, decent, competitive, and fun gameplay.

You receive updates frequently that help. There are also recent and new upgrades taking place in the game and the mod game to run smoothly.

PUBG(Player unknown battleground) debuted in March 2017 as a PC game. Before it launched on the app stores, almost 75 million people pre-registered for it.

Today, it is available for free on both Android, and Apple play stores but has in-game purchases.

2) Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile was the best Android game in 2019, according to several critics. It has an FPS online mode and a PvP mode. It also offers a 100-player battle royale. 

It is a direct competition with the PUBG mobile. However, the mechanism and play styles of both games are a bit different.

However, both games also offer unique maps, mini-game, and modes.

It is available for free on both Android and Apple play stores. It also has in-game purchases.

Several users complain about the lag they face while playing both games. This can happen because of slow internet connection, internet throttling, and the device's configuration too.

You can improve lag-related issues by using a VPN. It can improve internet speed and stop internet throttling.

VPNs are handy because they can improve internet speed and unlock geo-locked content.

If you want to watch a show or movie that is unavailable in your country, you can use a VPN to watch it.

You can also use VPN on other platforms like Amazon Firestick, PC, laptops, and more.

There are some decent VPNs like The Surfshark VPN that you can use to watch live sports, movies, and shows.

Sideloading the Surfshark VPN to your Firestick device means that you have to permit your Firestick device to allow the installation of third-party apps.

3) Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go might not be a top game today, but it was on almost every smartphone from 2016 to 2019. As of 2019's report, more than 1100 million people played it.

It is a unique game that offers you to walk in the real world while playing the game. Most first-time users felt that it was a dream when augmented reality became real.

It was an experiment as the game was the first of its kind, but it went well. If your childhood was incomplete without the Pokemon show, then you might want to give this game a try.

4) Subway Surfers

Temple run games came with a concept of almost a never-ending game, and subway surfers continued the trend.

Temple run had a major issue that you could not play it laying down because you had to keep your phone straight to move your player.

However, Subway Surfers resolved that issue, came with better graphics, and the rest was history. Over 1000 million people downloaded it. 


All mentioned games might not be on the top of the list today, but those were the OGs at one point. You can still find all of them in the Android and Apple Play Stores.

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