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Monday 27 December 2021

Is Cloud Computing A Good Career Option?

Cloud-based job roles are on the rise as enterprises and firms continue to shift from local servers to Internet-based cloud servers. 

These online database systems offer lower maintenance costs, better security, easy shareability, the flexibility of data, and much more. 

cloud computing

Due to such benefits, the cloud market is on a non-stop rise and is expected to cross the $300 billion mark soon enough by 2023, if not in 2022 [Source: Gartner].

Though the success is overwhelming, still many students today are curious whether the cloud can offer them a safe and stable career option, at a time when competition is substantial. 

The cloud jobs have increased by 42% between 2018 and 2021 [Source: Indeed], with each role getting a good salary package. 

Still, many graduates are apprehensive of pursuing a postgraduate program in cloud computing or any other online course.

As stats show, there is not much for students to worry about, at least at present. 

The cloud market is expanding at an enormous rate, with a capacity to assimilate the current growth of employees. 

With top-notch IT brand names like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Google launching their cloud servers, there is still much to look for in the arena of cloud.

Cloud-based roles are on an increase and also offer better salary packages than other traditional IT job roles. 

Let’s read in detail about what a cloud computing job has to offer you and how it can ensure a good career path for you.

Increasing Demand Of Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud jobs have systematically increased since the inception of the role, and they are predicted to continue to do so for at least 4 more years. 

Today, more than 90% of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms, are already on the cloud, with the remaining set to follow their course.

Some of the key reasons for which the importance of the cloud as a service is increasing are explained below.

  • Cost: The most important factor in any business decision, the cost is significantly reduced when servers are shifted online. Companies no longer need to spend millions on maintaining their local servers.
  • Better Accessibility: With data stored on cloud servers like AWS, Azure, and GCP, employees can access resources from anywhere at any time through any device. This has turned out as a boon for employers during the COVID lockdown periods.
  • Security: The top cloud service providers today are Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. With established names behind these services, people need not worry about the security of their data.

In addition to these factors, the demand for cloud computing has increased manifold since the coronavirus pandemic has begun. 

As employees continue to work from home, companies with resources on the cloud have excelled more than those lacking it.

Better Job Prospects In Cloud Computing

Most of the graduates today head towards IT jobs, with the majority landing up in common and monotonous roles. 

A career in cloud computing helps you in making your own mark and also offers high-paying packages. 

Listed below are the top job roles available for a professional skilled in cloud computing along with their salary.

Job Role

Average Salary Offered

Cloud Architect/Solution Architect


Cloud Security Expert


DevOps Engineer


Cloud Network Administrator


Computer Systems Analyst


AI Architect


Cloud Support


IT Project Manager


IoT Engineer


Cloud Database Administrator


Cloud Consultant



Large Number Of Recruiters

Every company which is shifting to the cloud also needs administrators as well as solution architects to manage their servers. 

Thus, there is a huge range of companies recruiting candidates in these roles, in addition to cloud service providers. The top recruiters are listed below.

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Dell
  • Wells Fargo
  • Apple
  • FICO
  • Accenture
  • Nokia
  • Real-Time Data Services (RTDS)
  • TCS
  • Salesforce

These are just some top names. Candidates can find cloud-based roles in almost every organization today, including the newly established startups. 

These recruiters are spread across multiple domains including IT, Consultancy, Education, Hospitality, etc.

Even some government websites and servers are expected to shift towards the cloud in near future.

In-Demand Cloud Computing Skills

A full-fledged course in cloud computing will teach you skills that will not only help in securing a good job role at an early career stage but will also help in your entire IT career. 

The bullet points below talk about the major skills which are imparted in a cloud computing course.

  • Cloud Provider Selection: The first task assigned to a cloud solution architect is to decide upon which cloud service provider is best for the company. Through the course, they learn about the intricacies of major providers and thus make appropriate choices as per company requirements.
  • Data Migration: Cloud candidates learn how to migrate the entire datasets and resources from local servers to the chosen cloud server.
  • Database Management: Courses also impart skills related to managing these servers and the complete database through query languages.

In addition to these, candidates learn various other skills like:

  • Performance Testing
  • Cloud Workload
  • Managing various web services and integrating APIs
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Storage Services
  • Autoscaling

Expertise In Multiple Tools

Since it is a versatile course, cloud computing certification also gives you expertise in multiple tools like:

  • Beanstalk
  • VM (Virtual Machines)
  • Amazon ECS
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Azure Resource Manager
  • SQL
  • Amazon Inspector
  • Azure Storage Disk
  • DNS

Those who are looking for a course in cloud computing can join online courses as well as full-time university programs. 

Online education providers like Simplilearn, Coursera, and Udemy offer various courses, designed across various levels of expertise. 

Simplilearn is currently offering a PG course in collaboration with Caltech University, while other websites also have such courses.

In order to join a course, you simply need to register on the website of the provider and pay the course fees, and you are all set to begin. 

Pursuing courses online helps save cost as well as offers time flexibility. 

If you are also interested in a cloud-based career, then it’s best to opt for a course now and start preparing.

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