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5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Customers’ Reviews?

The digital world we live in has opened up many opportunities for businesses worldwide. 

It’s easier than ever to start a business online, find suppliers, market your business, and realize your business ideas. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Customers’ Reviews?

That’s all well and good, but it also means that the competition has never been fiercer. 

In other words, everyone can quickly start their own business. Sadly, just starting a business is no longer sufficient. 

You need to use the modern technologies and valuable information the web offers to your advantage. 

Today, we will talk about review monitoring and how it can help your business. 

What Is Review Monitoring? 

Before we start talking about why you should consider doing review monitoring, let’s first explain what it actually is. 

Review monitoring is an ongoing process that lets companies learn what people are saying about their brand, tracking feedback, and monitoring mentions. 

It’s done by going through many different websites and platforms. 

With this information, brands can create a better image online, learn about their weaknesses, and find ways to adjust for better future results.  

A large number of customers look at online reviews before engaging with a business. 

These reviews can be the difference between them contacting a business or not. 

That’s why every company worth its salt needs to do review monitoring. 

How It Is Done?

Tracking customer reviews is an automated process. If done manually, it would take a lot of time and effort to acquire all the relevant data. 

This process is commonly done using automated tools called web scrapers. 

Web scrapers gather both negative and positive reviews online about a business. 

They can do this with great speeds and help companies acquire all the latest information they require. 

On top of that, each time something new comes up, the users are notified with alerts. 

Since the internet is dynamic, it helps companies stay on top of all reviews and ensure they have a complete picture. 

5 Benefits Of Review Monitoring 

Now that we have a basic understanding of review monitoring, let’s go over some of its main benefits.

1. Recognize New Business Goals 

The valuable data gathered through review monitoring can help companies find new business goals. 

This process can tell how good a business is currently performing, its strengths, and recognize what’s missing on the market. 

With review monitoring, it’s possible to develop a business more effectively. 

2. Stay On Top Of Your Competition 

Review monitoring also lets companies see how they fare against their competition. Lots of companies collect feedback about their brands but also about their competition. 

Learning what customers are saying about your competition makes it possible to learn their strengths and weaknesses. 

3. Improve Relationships With Customers 

It’s quite simple – customer reviews are direct conversations with your customers online.

You can instantly tap into the opinions of hundreds of different people. 

That lets you learn the key pain points, concerns, and weaknesses through which you can improve your approach towards customers. 

4. Get Valuable Insights From Customers 

Customer reviews are to be taken seriously. Brands are often unaware of how their services and products feel and where they are compared to their industry. 

With insights, a business can easily understand where they can improve and how they can adjust business strategies. 

5. Improve Brand Reputation 

Public perception is essential, especially when it comes to the internet. You have to stand out and attract attention in the sea of other companies. 

Dealing with issues your business has can help you get better reviews and improve your reputation. 

Challenges Of Review Monitoring 

The two biggest challenges of review monitoring are high costs and limited access. Like with all kinds of online processes, review monitoring can be expensive. 

Building a scraper and using it’s not an easy task – it requires a lot of knowledge and resources. 

When it comes to limited access, we are referring to geo-restrictions. 

In other words, many websites and platforms where you can find valuable reviews block access to certain countries. 

That makes it difficult to acquire all the reviews that give accurate insights. 

How To Overcome Them?

When it comes to cost s there is a growing number of third party scraping providers that let you use their scraping tools as a service. 

In other words, you pay for using their tool every month, including support, which makes the investments a lot lower. 

On the other hand, if you want to scrap all the sites, consider using residential proxies

Residential proxies make all scrapers look like real organic users and can be rotated to different IPs from different parts of the world. 

In other words, they go through geo-blocks with ease. 


Despite the challenges, this process is critical, and every serious business should look to take advantage of it. 

Just make sure to find a good scraping service and residential web proxies that will unlock all the content you’re looking for.

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